SME - 2013

5th Swiss Microbial Ecology (SME) Meeting

Murten, Switzerland,

February 4-6, 2013

Do not miss out!

Please reserve this time period in your agenda.

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the next Swiss Microbial Ecology (SME) Meeting, which will be number five in a series of meetings, established to bring together Swiss microbial ecologists from all parts of the country and all areas of microbial ecology.

After the first four stimulating meetings in Neuchâtel (2004), Bellinzona (2006), Einsiedeln (2009), and Engelberg (2011), it is time to meet again and to exchange exciting findings and important information on how microorganisms interact with each other and with their environments. The meeting will be organized by the laboratory of microbiology from the University of Neuchâtel with the help of scientist from other Swiss institutions.

We all know how rapidly the exciting research area of Microbial Ecology is evolving and how fast related technology is progressing. It is the aim of the SME-Meeting series to bring together interested scientists but also representatives from federal and cantonal agencies, from industry as well as non-government organizations and to offer a platform for discussing the latest developments and future trends in this prospering research field.

The planet earth harbors a multitude of very different ecosystems ranging from the deep subsurface to the inside of cells. Microorganisms inhabit all of them and perform incredibly important functions therein. Some of these functions have long been recognized, either due to their benefit or to their threat for mankind. However, most microorganisms are still barely known and their functions and interactions in the environment are still obscure. This diversity and complexity as well as the importance of microbial functions make the research area of microbial ecology so relevant but also dependent on the contribution of scientists from various disciplines.

This year SME meeting would like to attract contributions that explore in greater detail the role of interactions among different microbial groups, i.e. bacteria, archaea, fungi and protist, and between them and their environments. We aim at having dedicated sessions for contributions in each one of these groups, as well as one session on evolutionary microbiology. The regular meeting will be complemented by two satellite symposiums organized for PhD students by the CUSO (Conference Universitaire de Suisse Occidentale) on the topics of microbial logistics in unsaturated environments and analysis of metagenomic datasets.

This brief announcement intends to provide you with the date and the place of the meeting for your long-term planning purposes. More detailed information (including registration, reservation of hotel rooms, submission of abstracts for talks and posters, as well as keynotes and the program) will be available on our conference website.

We look forward to a stimulating conference and hope that you and many of our colleagues will participate. If you are interested in attending SME-2013 please send an e-mail to and provide your name, affiliation and address. This will help us with detailed planning of the conference and personally providing you with meeting-updates. Please, also forward this message to colleagues who might be interested in attending SME-2013.

With best wishes,

Pilar Junier, Daniel Job, Enrique Lara, Franco Widmer, Christof Holliger, Julien Maillard, Pierre Rossi, Jakob Zopfi, Dave Johnson, Thomas Egli

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